Suburban Software System’s unique solution integrates dispatching, routing, and the power of geographical information systems. The mapping module will, on it’s own, identify and match to a geographical location (latitude and ongitude) between 70% to 90% of customer’s delivery location provided in the Suburban database.

Visualizing the accounts by geographical location enable the organization of accounts by branch, driver, and route. This allows for more effective use of delivery resources.



        * Identify Customer Delivery Locations

              * Organize Customers by Route, Driver and Branch 

  * Optimize Daily Route Sequencing    

* Provide Turn by Turn Directions     

             * Produce Delivery tickets in optimum route sequence  


  * Reduce Operating Cost

                               * Reduce time required to service a route

            * Maximize Resource Efficiency

Route Summary

        * Arrival and Departure time

* Detailed Directions   

* Quantity of product to be delivered

* Estimated delivery duration

* Driving distance 

*Total cost

*Total gallons

* Total distance

* Total duration