The function of the Suburban Software Inventory System, is to maintain the value and quantities of items in Inventory. It also maintains historical data of sales and purchases including totals for year to date and last year’s sales and profit margins.

System Features


* Physical Inventory Worksheets

* Price Books

* Mulitple branch and /or warehouses up to 99 locations

* Provides count, calue, status, sales cost and profit of all items



* Stock Status Reports

* Inventory Activity

* Can be printed “as of ” any previous period

* Can be printed for all items or specific product

Inventory Inquiry

* Product


* Location

* Model/ Part Number

Integrated With

Accounts Receivable

Sales automatically transferred to Inventory and posted to General Ledger

Accounts Payable

Used as items are posted to the system

General Ledger

Automatically post Inventory and cost of goods sold to designated General Ledger accounts