General Ledger

The Suburban Software General Ledger System incorporates special features designed to meet the needs of the PROPANE GAS RETAILER. The system can also be used for standard business general ledger accounting.

System Features
Allows you to carry the Sales , Purchase, and Inventory of both Dollars and Gallons to the General Ledger for reporting in Dollars, Gallons and Cent/Gallon
Accounting Periods
Allowance for more than one accounting period for posting at a time
Automated Posting

Automated Posting from the suburban Software Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, and Payroll systems

Complete Financial Reports

* Balance Sheets

* Income Statements

* Trial Balances

* General Journal

* General Ledger

* Financial Ratios

Income Statements
Designation of up to 99 different branches or profit centers with bot individual and consolodated Income Statments

Posting system prevents you from being out of balance