Accounts Receivable

A complete office system for the Propane business. It offers the basic accounting features PLUS: Routing, Forecasting, Tank & Asset Management, Reporting, Gas Check, and Delinquency Control.


* Unique Accounting in both Dollars and Gallons

* Complete Tax reporting of Sales, Excise, and Lease Tax, for multiple jurisdicstions

* Automatic General Ledger and Inventory Posting

* Balance Forward and Open Item Accounting

Service Orders

* Access to Customer Inquiry

* Service Order Scheduling by Serviceman

* Automatic routing

* Prints Customized Service Orders

Capital Tanks, Cylinders, & Equipment

* Absolute Control of Capital Tanks, Cylinder and Equipent

* Total control of Asset Movement through Data Entry

* Discounted and Deferred Rent Capability

* Meter Estimated Billing

* Meter Efficiency Report and Tracking


* Statements with Variable Sales messages

* Message about 3rd party Invoices / statements

* Automatic invoicing

* Automatic Late Charge Posting

* Automatic Tank and Cylinder Rent Billing

* Automatic Meter Billing

* Budget Billing and Budget Rate Forecasting

* Zip + 4 coding for Discount Rate Mailing

* Email Statements

Delinquency Control

* Individual Customers Inquiries with Multiple Displays of: Credit, Ledger Card, delivery, Tanks, and Memos

* Delinquency Reports with Complet Credit Records

* Comprehensove Customer Status Reports with A/R Age Analysis

*Automatic Past Due Reminder Letters and Notes

* Presealed Statements with Multiple Delinquent Reminders or Utility type Post Card Statements

Delivery Forecasting and Routing

* Automatic Routing

*Dispatch Reports using Year Round “Multi-Use Delivery

*Forecasting for Maximum Routing Efficiency

* “Will Call” open Orders are integrated Automatically

*Preprinted Delivery Delivery Tickets with Directions, Prices, Comments and Collection Notices

* Interfaces with Automatic Truck Delivery Systems

* “Will Call” Delivery Request Post Cards

* Delivery Analysis by Driver and Route

* Route Books in Alphabetical or Route Sequence

* Gas Price Charts with multiple Tax Rates

Gas Check

* National Association Reports

* Detailed by: Appliance, parts, Tanks, and Regulations

* Search by: Appliance, Model, and Control Number