Our customers are our number one priority. We provide ongoing support for all of our modules, services, and products. Whether you have a troubleshooting question, or want to talk to someone about an upgrade, our team strives to answer your calls in a timely and courteous manner.

Our Staff


Software Support

Hardware Support

PPS Support

Our trained and certified programmers work daily on keeping Suburban Software up to date. We gladly take into advisement what our Customer’s needs and wants.

Our knowledgeable software support are here to answer any questions no matter how big or small. They are trained in each aspect of the software and if one can’t answer a question, another can.

Our certified hardware team is here to answer any questions regarding printers, monitors and any other hardware issues connected with Suburban.

Our PPS Support team is available to answer questions regarding truck tablets, routing, dispatching and anything else regarding your fleet as it is related to Suburban Software.



Please email us at with any questions or problems regarding Suburban Software. This is the most popular and convienent way to get support.

Call Us

 Our receptionists strive to take your calls in a timely and curteous manner. If we are unable to answer, you may leave a voice message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.


Knowledge Base

Introducing our newest way to get support. We have incorporated a Knowledge Base button into Suburban. Designated by a KB button located at the bottom of your Gas Menu, this will give you answers to frequent asked support questions as well as give you access to manuals and other items you may need.